Inspiration and Process

Landscape Paintings:
The inspiration for my semi-abstract landscape paintings is rooted in the amazing skies, hills, mountains and coastlines of Britain in all kinds of weather, in particular the spirit of each place and its resonance for me. The finished pieces show unpopulated, wide open spaces filled with air and light. I work energetically and intensively on one piece at a time with oil on canvas using a wet-in-wet process.

Abstract Paintings:
I am fascinated by the detailed structures of plants and rocks which provide the inspiration for my abstract paintings. I use a process of mark-making and blending with oil paint or acrylics on very smoothly primed canvas to create subtle abstracted images with an illusion of 3-dimensionality .

Mixed Media and other works:
Having taught mixed-media processes for a number of years I continue to experiment with all kinds of materials in my studio, creating collages, drawings and paintings for my own pleasure - and occasionally for sale.

About me:
Having grown up on the Sussex coast I have a life-long love of the sea, now that I am living in Devon I am delighted to be within a short drive of the most beautiful coastline in the West Country. I am fortunate to have family in Scotland too so I have ample opportunity to explore and be inspired by the stunning landscapes there.

Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 1996 my work has been exhibited in the UK and USA and has been selected for regional and national art exhibitions and competitions.